Thursday, 8 September 2011

Tips for Relieving Depression That Work!

Feeling down, disgusted, fatigued and suicidal are only a few attributes of depression, which sufferers have to face daily. Symptoms as such make living a difficult task and often interfere with victim's both social and private life by interfering with their cognition and overall motivation. In other words depression can turn a physically fit, highly motivated person into a fatigued, blank minded vegetable. As harsh as this state of mind may sound and be, the symptoms can be alleviated, if not completely extinguished by following some of the most basic depression/anxiety combating methods:

1. Exercise - if you are not already involved in some regular physical activity why not give it a try? Exercise has proven to be as effective as a secondary anti-depressant in alleviating troubling symptoms. Spending as little as 20 minutes a day on jogging (going for a walk will initially suffice until your stamina has increased) or other aerobic exercise can greatly lift your mood in the long run since it promotes the secretion of many mood enhancing neurochemicals such as serotonin.

2. Healthy habits - smoking tobacco or drinking alcohol may seem like a great help in combating depressive symptoms, but it is only a short-term solution with detrimental long-term consequences as these substances are neurotoxic with a high risk of developing dependency. Eating excess of sugars may seem to lift your mood, but a sugar rush is only a short lived experience which only adds to mood swings and severity of symptoms if practiced long enough. Introducing a more protein rich diet, eating fruits and vegetables and drinking water instead of flavored drinks will result in a greater mental clarity and an enhanced feeling of well-being. I personally have found that avoiding carbohydrates and eating rather frequently and in small increments allows me to think more lucidly

3. Knowing your enemy - what I like to do is research depression and find the possible chemical/mental sources. Once you are aware of the exact mechanism of action of your depression you will be much more efficient at defeating the disorder. The obtained knowledge will guide you to a relief as you will be able to recognize depressive triggers and resist them. Eventually you will be able to just tell yourself: "its only depression trying to make me feel miserable" and hence you will not let it take over you. This is probably the most helpful and crucial step in combating any psychiatric illness. So spend some of your free time learning about depression by reading books and articles (there are plenty on the web) and see for yourself the progress you will be able to make.

Depression, as any mental disorder, requires a lot of patience as results will not be seen immediately, but rather gradually in an augmenting intensity. Therefore it is important to learn to appreciate each small step you make, because in the end these will add up to a one ample achievement.


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