Thursday, 25 August 2011

Treatment Resistant Depression - How Do You Get Rid Of It?

According to a study, more than 60% of patients suffering from severe depression rarely benefit from an antidepressant. Even natural therapies turn out to be ineffective and therefore, they fail to overcome depression. This type of a depression is known as treatment resistant depression. One cannot treat this depression even after trying out a combination of two different treatments.

Not all experts have the same opinion regarding treatment resistant depression. In order to fight such depression, you need to follow a couple of strategies under complete guidance of your therapist. Given below are some tips that can help you get rid of treatment resistant depression.

Check out if your depression is a bipolar disorder. However, this may be a bit tricky, but it is crucial to find out. You need to first diagnose and treat anxiety and co-occurring addiction, if any. Get multiple opinions for the diagnosis. Although you have decided to stick with your therapist throughout the entire treatment, it will be wise to get a second opinion from another experienced psychiatrist.

Make sure you take your medicines regularly as prescribed by your doctor. Be patient, as the treatment takes some time to show results. Giving up in the middle of the treatment is definitely not a wise thing to do. Do not skip the doses either. In case you unintentionally do so, get in touch with your physician immediately to seek necessary medical attention.

To get the desired results, one needs to opt for an optimized antidepressant dosage after a particular period. It is therefore important to stay in regular contact with your psychiatrist to know if any change in your current dosage is required or not for curing treatment resistant depression.

There are times when the medications prescribed by your doctor may not work well or give a partial response. In such a case, you doctor will prescribe you an additional medication that is compatible with the current one. The new medication may be either an antidepressant or an ordinary drug that assists other antidepressants.

Complementary treatments such as fish oil, light therapy, physical exercises and SAM-e can play a key role in curing treatment resistant depression. Have a word with your doctor to know about a complementary treatment that can work well for you.

Psychotherapy too plays a crucial role in treating depression. However, psychotherapy does not give quick results, but it surely gives guaranteed results. Most of the therapists these days use therapies involving modern techniques that offer you a peaceful state of mind.

Treatment resistant depression if not treated on time can completely ruin the person’s life. Therefore, it is very important to take necessary steps at the right time. Most of the people are of the opinion that treatment resistant depression is incurable. However, this is nothing more than just a misconception. Just stick to your routine therapies and medications and you will soon see positive results.

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