Friday, 19 August 2011

All You Need To Know Regarding Panic Attacks Treatment

A panic attack is an incident that will happen quite suddenly for no obvious reason, when you will feel an intense fear. This will activate many intense physical responses. You may well think that you are going to die or have a heart attack. There are panic attacks treatment options that can help if you suffer from this condition

You may have experienced one or two attacks in your lifetime. However, if you have experienced several and live in fear of the next attack, you may be suffering from a condition called panic disorder.

The symptoms connected to panic attacks vary and will be different for each person. It might make your heart beat louder and faster and you may experience shortness of breath as well as dizziness. You may also get hot flashes and feel nauseous. Some of the other symptoms that are common to this condition are trembling, sweating, abdominal cramping, chills and hyperventilation. You may also feel faint, have a constricted feeling in your throat and may not be able to swallow normally.

You should visit your doctor if you have experienced any of the symptoms regularly. It is extremely difficult to manage these attacks yourself and if not treated, they may worsen. An important reason for seeking medical help is that the symptoms of panic attacks resemble those of more serious health conditions and it is therefore better for you to be assessed by a health professional in order that you find out the cause of the attacks.

The two common treatment options for panic attacks are medication and psychotherapy. Both these treatment methods are quite effective. Your doctor will usually begin treatment with one method only. If you suffer from intense panic disorder or from any other illness for example depression or post traumatic stress disorder, your doctor may prescribe a combination of the two treatments. A combination of the treatments may also be used if you have tried one but there has been no improvement in your condition.

Psychotherapy will help you understand the condition and help you learn how to cope with it. The usual type of psychotherapy that you will undergo is cognitive behavioral therapy. This will help you change the thought patterns that might be the trigger to the attacks. It will also help you change the way you react to the situation. Psychodynamic psychotherapy is another option. This will help you become more aware of your unconscious behaviors and thoughts.

Other than therapy there are medications that can be used as a part of panic attacks treatment. There are also alternative methods that you can use. Meditation, yoga and deep breathing have been found to be very effective for some people.

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